Who We Are: The Baragatan Story

BARAGATAN WEB CONTENT PUBLISHING, www.baragatan.com, is an independent online content publishing company based in Palawan. Initially thought of to be a blog to offer interesting and relevant content about every municipality in Palawan, the creators decided to take the challenge of offering an e-commerce platform where chosen businesses and individuals may be invited to sell their proudly Palawan made products.


To create relevant and compelling content about Palawan’s culture & heritage while showcasing products from townspeople to help improve livelihood.


To help facilitate delivery of inspiring information and local quality products products to the world.

Remembering Kuya Ed (Edgardo Garcellano 19** – 2014): A short story on how this website was actually conceptualized.

It was the year 2012 when I decided to come home to Palawan after years of jumping places. If there is one person who was always excited to see me, that would be Kuya Ed, my cousin who has been my undeniable source of strength. I have never seen anyone in my life who speaks of my achievements with pride. Someone who wish to always get in touch with undoubted interest to know what is my next project or what keeps me busy. I guess, he is the only relative I have who is genuinely proud of me, not for what I acquire but for simply who I am. In 2012, blogging started to reach the heights of popularity. I remember my days working at Lunarpages (a web hosting company) when everyone seems to be buying domains and web hosting packages. Everyone wants to be a blogger. I tried to be a blogger, but I am really always drawn more in the technical aspect of internet systems and design more than content creation.

Kuya Ed and I thought of creating blogs about Palawan. During this time, no local has been actively blogging about the town. More often Google spits out results only coming from tourists. Of the many domain names we registered; palawan(whatever-we-can-think-of).com we also got excited with baragatan.com but also concerned of the issues that may surround it. Afterall, Baragatan Festival is a Provincial Government Event. But bravely we registered it, knowing that baragatan is in itself, simply a Cuyunin word, not assigned to a government agency to use in exclusivity. We had plans for it; a blogging platform to entertain local content creators, to help people tell their stories, to showcase the heritage and culture and most importantly, to showcase Kuya Ed’s works in Photography.

But like the many ideas out there, some just keep on floating and drifting and unable to keep up with time and life events. Baragatan.com was moved to only but a memory and dreams and stayed on my account on auto-renew for many years. Kuya Ed passed away in 2014, it is 2021 when I remembered I still have this domain name and some of his works. What a wonderful way to dedicate this website in his memory. He was proud of Palawan and everything in it.

Kuya Ed, may your spirit fly wild and free as the birds of Palawan that you captured. May your soul rest as peaceful as the landscapes.