The Baragatan Festival: Palawan’s Annual Festival

The annual Baragatan Festival (usually commencing within the first week of June) is timed during the Founding Anniversary of Palawan, officially June 23. Baragatan is a Cuyunon word that translates to — get together or come together. The month-long festivities is aimed to focus on Palawan’s heritage and culture, bringing together all the towns and chance to showcase their crafts, local products, cultural heritage and enchanting tourist spots.

Baragatan Festival Highlights

  1. Parade of Amazing Floats and Beauties

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Among the highlights of the festivities commence during its opening activities, be amazed by the parade floats crafted from local indigenous materials that each town is known for. The most enchanting accent of the float of course is each town’s representative for the Mutya ng Palawan, a provincial-wide beauty pageant.

2. The Street Dancing Competition

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Like any other festival, Palawan’s Baragatan Festival highlights the activities with an extravagant street dancing contest. Each municipalities entry will be performing showing off powerful chants, competitive dance choreographies and costumes that best symbolizes the municipalities they are representing.

3. The Trade Fair

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Local delicacies, quality handicrafts and exotic products from each town will be at the trade fair which will be open from the 1st day to the last day of the festival. The trade fair is a chance to really find exotic and unique Palawan made products.

4. Nightly Events

Whether it is a local band, a national band or a cultural night. The plaza at the provincial grounds hosts a show each night to entertain everyone for free.

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