Spotlight Worthy Handcrafted Food, Tribal Arts and Decors

As beautiful as the natural wonders of nature, Palawan is also blessed with different cultural backgrounds coming from ancient tribes. Moreover, its fertile virgin soils are capable of growing some of the best organic crops.

Tourism may have overtaken many other things that Palawan is home for. But its heritage and art form lives among the locals in their daily lives. From handcrafted food such as organic cashew nuts,tribal wood carvings, home decors made of indigenous materials, the town has a lot to offer.

Unique Palawan Wood Carvings

Palawan wood carvings are intricately designed by various tribes craftsmen of Palawan, sourced properly, a piece that you buy is an artform passed from many generations. The artform is backed by many stories and handcrafted by people who keep the artform alive.

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Palawan Cashew Nuts

The Philippines Cashew Capital, Palawan, is the major producer of cashew, accounting to 90% in the market. The abundance of cashew trees in the province made this OTOP, One Town, One Product.

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The Palawan Honey

Pure honey is difficult to come by, Palawan’s honey production has been praised due to its purity and that most are coming from the wild harvested by locals and tribesmen. Palawan’s wild honey harvesters are practicing sustainable ways that allow the hive to regenerate and make sure that forests are not depleted. They clearly understand the ethics and science in honey bee harvesting.

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Palawan Dried Fish

Palawan is the top producer of seafood in the country. Given its rich marine waters, fishing is a strong industry that Palawan’s economy relies on. Majority of Manila’s fish comes from Palawan fishing grounds. Dried fish is no exception. With Palawan’s huge coastal areas, communities rely on dried fish production, often handcrafted and sold at the local market or bought in bulk for exporting to Manila to reach a wider market.

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Palawan Coconut Products

Coconut is a great source of just about everything, products from coconut may range from food, cosmetic up to industrial use. Palawan’s coconut produce is among the purest and organic.

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