My Account

Do I need to  make an account before purchasing?

There is no need to make an account for purchasing. However, you do have an option upon checking out to make an account so your information is stored and our website will remember you the next time you stop by. Making an account also allows you to receive discount codes and coupons through email from your favorite suppliers.

Seller Account

Do I need to  make an account before selling?

While we are a multivendor website, the multivendor function is turned off. All sales will go through since we will be STRICTLY monitoring activities and product quality. We will not allow products that are not in line with our allowable product list. You may signup as a seller in this page.

My Coupon is not working

I have applied a coupon on checkout and it did not work?

Please make sure that your coupon is still valid or is applicable for the product you are purchasing. If you are buying several items, the coupon may only be applied to some of the items depending on terms and conditions. If you feel the cart reached an error on coupons, please feel free to use the contact form below and send us an email regarding this and we will immediately attend to it. Thank you.

Still Need Help?

Click the chat now button to reach us through our Facebook Official Business Page. We will attend to your needs immediately. Please note that our chat service is only available from 9AM to 5PM daily. Thank you!