Busuanga, Palawan: An Unnoticed Paradise Among the Calamian Islands

The Municipality of Busuanga, a more formal way of calling Busuanga, is often confused as part of the Coron group of islands. But this island (group of islands) has its own Local Government Unit and is home to almost 26,000 residents. With fishing, farming and ecotourism as its dominant industries.

Busuanga’s 16 Barangay’s rely mainly on the local economy as well as that of the much more dominant in trade and tourism municipality, Coron. Handicrafts and local produce are supporting the trades made within and around the Calamian group of islands. Baragatan.com wish to get in touch with the local producers and suppliers from Busuanga, we would like to cater marketing and trade of handicrafts and local produce and bring to our storefront as an independent non-government website. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or information to support our goal. Thank you.