Baragatan – The Term Behind and Beyond Palawan Festival

“To gather” – is the meaning of baragatan says one website. But to simply gather people doesn’t seem to be enough meaning to support how I understood the word as a local. “A gathering of people’” is also another way of putting it. But for me, what baragatan truly means is “to come together.” In this sense there is a voluntary action focused on a common goal of the gathering, I hope that goal is to bring forward a great sense of Palaweno pride, a gathering to improve livelihood and relevant social issues within Palawan communities.

Baragatan Festival used to be an annual celebration that brings all the municipalities to the capital, Puerto Princesa City, a month long celebration of culture, heritage and a chance for distant Palawan communities to showcase their produce and take pride on their heritage. Tourists and locals have enjoyed the event for many years during the months of June in line with the celebration of the establishment of the provincial government.

Decompounding “Baragatan Festival”

Since the political landscapes of Palawan may change and leaders may or may not approve of the festival depending on their orders which may be root from plethora of reasons. Decompounding baragatan from its popular identifier “festival” brings us a new perspective. As I launch this website during the pandemic it appears that somehow it is timely. I wish to create a platform for Palawenos to trade and at the same time take the opportunity to showcase our charming province to the world in the midst of global depression due to Covid.

Come Together” – 2 words that holds true. We come together as one strong community, we come together to take pride in every cultural heritage found in the province. We come together as Palawenos through and through. Here we can celebrate Palawan’s heritage not confined in a 30 day calendar.

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