Balabac, Palawan: The Paradise of the Southern Tip of Palawan

Balabac, Palawan is home to almost 43,000 residents living a life in a raw paradise nestled in the southernmost tip of mainland Palawan. Balabac can easily capture the heart of any visitor because of its perfect turquoise waters where nature’s majestic air and  sea creatures are a normal scenery. Biodiverse, the flora and fauna endemic to the island abounds, giving it a special spot in terms of ecotourism and environmental preservation. Teeming with marine life, the local people of Balabac are also well-known tradesmen, from their fish produce to handicrafts.

The Balabac group of islands is home to awesome destinations off-the-beaten track. But more importantly home to locals who wish to improve their micro-economy. We would like to get in touch with people who would like to showcase their local handmade products, from food to handicrafts and bring it to the forefront of the world through the internet. If you know a supplier or an eager vendor, please let us know. Thank you.