Araceli, Palawan: The Hidden Island Gem of Palawan

“The Altar in Heaven” – Latin /Ara Caeli/, Araceli is actually after the Spanish name rooted from ancient Latin. Well named for the coastal municipality of Araceli is rightfully like a piece of heaven. Northeast of the mainland Palawan nests this majestic town  unspoilt by industrialization but open to kind tourists expecting to an off-the-beaten track kind of experience.

But araceli is more than just a view, it is home to almost 15,000 residents across its 13 barangays. The main livelihood in this town is fishing and farming. We aim to provide more opportunities for suppliers and producers in the town of Araceli, if you know of a supplier who wish to bring their products at the forefront of the web, we would like to help them and be part of the project.