Agutaya, Palawan: Island Municipality in the Sulu Sea

Agutaya, Palawan is home to about 13,000 people. A small island group composed only of 10 barangays. A small humble 5th class municipality thats was once part of the Cuyo group of islands.

What is interesting is that Agutaya is actually an inactive volcano as listed by the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology. And like the many island towns in the Province, the main livelihood is fishing.

Agutaya has its own specific dialect, the Agutaynen. Interestingly, Agutaya remains closely influenced by the bigger Municipality of Cuyo, and the Cuyunon language is still widely spoken as well as Tagalog.

In time, the aim of this website is to find direct suppliers from Agutaya to aid their micro economy in bringing to the world their produce, from handicrafts to food produce. Please get in touch with us for any information on active suppliers from the island of Agutaya. Thank you.

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