Aborlan, Palawan: A Sleeping Town with Great Possibilities

More formally the Municipality of Aborlan, is a town just a little less than hour away from Puerto Princesa’s southern border. Home to it’s 38,736 residents, this town has vast plains in between Sulu Sea and mountains. Housing the main campus of Western Polytechnic University and its proximity to the capital of the province, Puerto Princesa, there is no doubt that Aborlan, Palawan might just be the next economic town of the province with a main focus on the agri-industrial sector.

Agriculture remains the main livelihood in Aborlan supporting the markets of Puerto Princesa City, While tourism is yet another sector being boosted by the provincial and local government of Aborlan, there is no doubt that it may as well be a rising star in terms of offering good destinations to local and international tourists. But a closer attention is required perhaps in introducing sustainable eco-tourism.

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